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trio design | mission statement

Trio Design started in 2014 after combining the 35 years of design and construction experience of Robert Marshall Architect & Assoc. with the fresh perspective of recently licensed architect Brittany White Johnson.   We are now on a mission to create, renovate and sustain.  A trio of ideologies that embrace the freedom of creativity in design, the preservation of existing buildings through their reuse, while striving to sustain the natural environment in which we live.  Our mission is fused with a determination and commitment to provide our clients with sound design solution, on time and within budget.  We enjoy taking a collaborative approach to meet the design needs of the client and have built our company as a multidisciplinary firm that merges architecture, landscape architecture and civil engineering.  While some projects may require only one, or perhaps all of these disciplines, we have worked to develop each individually and collaboratively.

Brittany White Johnson

Principal Architect



Brittany formed Trio Design as a woman owned business in 2014. The firm’s roots began with the years of experience of Robert L. Marshall Architect & Assoc., which then combined with a drive...

Robert L. Marshall

Architect & Landscape Architect



Harmony of form and space is a continuous passion of mine. Form can be a structure, house, tree, and/or an inorganic object. Space is the expanse, or counter point, which surrounds, which is in between, and which stages forms....

Troy Anderson

Landscape Architect


I believe that Landscape Architecture is the design of outdoor and public spaces to achieve environmental and behavioral outcomes with an aesthetic flair.  My approach involves addressing the client’s needs while also systematically investigating the existing social and ecological...

Annette Sommer

Office Manager | Admin. Assistant


I joined the Trio Design team over 11 years ago with 20 years of experience in bookkeeping, maintaining daily office operations, personnel management and more. Here at Trio Design I get to contribute my skills and talents in many facets. Along with my duties of maintaining...