green design

Our firm has been designing with the environment in mind for over 20 years, and continues today to establish itself as an authority on sustainable design.  We have key team members that are seeking to become Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design Accredited Professionals (LEEP AP).

Sustain| to endure, experience, aid, assist, uphold

The foundation of sustainability rests on three principles: economic growth, social progress, and environmental stewardship; sometimes referred to as the triple bottom line.  When designing and building in this manner, the success of a project is measured not only by the financial success, but also by the positive impact the building has on the people that use it and the community it’s a part of, and the environment.

Through the use of passive solar and whole building design, we work to reduce our demand on the environment and design livable spaces.  By understanding the sun and its angles throughout the year, we can respond through site orientation, overhangs, etc. that allow us to maximize the sun’s warmth in the winter and protect ourselves from it during the hot summer.  These methods can and should be easily implemented into all designs in our region.  Passive Solar Design does not add costs to complete your project, but it can significantly cut the energy costs of your building.