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Pro-Bono Architecture and Design Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Trio Design is proud to be a member of OnePlus, the world’s largest pro-bono design marketplace.

Trio Design is proud to be a member of OnePlus, the world's largest pro-bono design network.

Why OnePlus?

Did you know there are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations in the United States? Each organization works to address specific social, environmental, or community needs – and without them, our society wouldn’t be the same. These organizations are doing fantastic work improving (and many times, saving) lives each day.

Their causes may differ, but these nonprofits have something in common: they all need a space where they can work efficiently.

Many nonprofit organizations have critical environmental and facility needs – and limited resources to fulfill them. This is where OnePlus comes in.

OnePlus is a network of architects and designers who provide services to nonprofit organizations at no cost. As a result, nonprofits are able to focus their financial resources on their cause.

By pledging 40 hours of pro-bono work per year, our team is dedicated to helping nonprofits in our community fight the good fight. To learn more about our pro-bono architecture services for nonprofit organizations, contact us or visit our OnePlus profile.