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Meet Our Team: Brittany White Johnson, Principal Architect

You’ve decided to hire an Architect for your upcoming project – but who do you choose? Because the project will not only be a financial investment, but also an investment of your time, it’s important to find someone who will be a good fit for both your project and you as an individual or business owner. 

If you have a project coming up, we encourage you to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team to find out if Trio Design would be a good fit. 

In the meantime, read on to get to know Brittany White Johnson, our Principal Architect! 

Brittany White Johnson, Principal Architect


Having grown up in Utah, Brittany White Johnson always felt a strong connection to the desert and mountains that surrounded her. When she is not in the office, she enjoys getting out into nature with her husband, four adorable children and their dogs.

Brittany strongly believes that in design, it is important to respect the natural environment as a finite resource. When she earned her Masters Degree from the College of Architecture and Planning at the University of Utah, she knew she wanted to use her work to create a meaningful connection between the built and natural worlds. 

Today, that is exactly what she does! Brittany founded Trio Design as a woman-owned business in 2014, and has specialized in environmentally-friendly design ever since. She loves renovating existing buildings whenever possible, and works to incorporate sustainable practices into each project she takes on. These practices include paying attention to site orientation, selecting sustainably-sourced building materials, and using natural ventilation when possible.

A 5-Minute Interview With Brittany White Johnson:

What is your favorite part about being an Architect?

“I love the problem-solving aspect. My favorite part is the beginning of a project, when a client presents their problem or need, and I can solve that in a creative way. I am most at ease with a clean desk, a blank sheet of paper and pen, and a swirl of solutions in my mind.”

What has been your most memorable project so far?

“The most memorable so far had a fair amount of problem-solving. It was an adaptive reuse project – an outdated office building with a parking garage. It was in a great location, and we were able to help the new owner transform the space into a beautiful dance studio. It really gave the building new life! It’s been fun to see a space so well enjoyed, when it had been in a position where a new owner easily could have demolished and replaced it instead.”

When you’re not at work, how do you like to spend your time? 

“I love to spend time with my family, traveling and exploring. We love to spend time in Utah’s beautiful weather and landscape, and I’ve always been drawn to the desert and the mountains. I also have a small farm at home, and usually end up spending time wrangling chickens or children on the weekends.”

Want to work with Brittany on your upcoming project? Call 801-417-9951 or send her a message to get started!

Interior Architecture: Setting The Tone For Interior Design

If you’re like us, you may be known for the occasional HGTV binge-watching session…which means you’re familiar with what a difference great interior design can make! Before your very eyes, homes have been completely transformed on shows like Love It Or List It, Flip or Flop and our favorite, Fixer Upper. You have watched as designers change the color palette, add textures, and mindfully selected furniture and artwork to create a feeling that wasn’t there before. And you have witnessed Chip and Joanna turn a sad, decrepit nightmare home into a luxurious farmhouse dream!


But there’s something else happening behind the scenes… these homes aren’t only transformed by interior design. Most of the time, there are significant changes made to the interior architecture.

Interior Architecture sets the tone for interior design.

Photo: Michael Browning

So what is interior architecture? 


As with architects and designers, the lines between interior architecture and interior design are sometimes blurred, creating confusion as to what each term actually is. 


We like to think of interior architecture as the blank canvas for interior design. Before you start decorating, you need to have a safe and structurally sound space to decorate in, right?


Think of the static elements of a room as the interior architecture.


If you removed all of the furniture, artwork, and fixtures like door handles, knobs, faucets, etc., what would be left? The flooring, walls, ceiling, and windows. Anything permanent within a space is part of the interior architecture.

When you remove the non-static elements of a space, you are left with the elements of interior architecture.

Photo: Steven Ungermann


The way a space functions is also part of interior architecture.


Is there an open-concept? How do you navigate from one room to the other? Where are the bathrooms located? If the building is an office, can you efficiently go back and forth between the most commonly utilized rooms? And if the building is a home, are you going to be able to hear family members in the living room as you try to sleep in the master bedroom? 


Carefully planning a space around how it will actually be used is important to the quality of the building, and the enjoyment of those working or living in it. 

The best Interior Architect will take the way a space is actually used into consideration when designing and planning the space.

Photo: Michael Browning


Everything behind the walls is all part of interior architecture, too.


How does the plumbing run through the walls? What about the electric wires? A trained and board-certified Architect will determine the best placement for each of these, helping you avoid maintenance issues in the future.


All of these are examples of how interior architecture sets the tone for interior design. The two go hand-in-hand, but paying attention to the interior architecture creates the foundation for a safe, functional space.

Interior Architecture sets the tone for interior design by creating lines, angles, and a functional floorplan.

Photo: Michael Browning

At Trio Design, we believe the best architecture makes the lives of building users easier. In the initial consultation, we take time to get to know our clients and gain an understanding of what it is they want out of their space. Then, we put our knowledge and experience into action, creating a strategic plan to bring that dream to life.

Do you have dreams for an interior remodel? Let’s chat about it! Our team of licensed Architects can help create a plan to bring those dreams into reality. Schedule a free consultation today!