Robert L. Marshall

Robert L. Marshall

Architect & Landscape Architect


Harmony of form and space is a continuous passion of mine. Form can be a structure, house, tree, and/or an inorganic object. Space is the expanse, or counter point, which surrounds, which is in between, and which stages forms. It does matter how forms fit into space. Forms impact space. Both forms and space need to be carefully designed.

I have developed an acute awareness of how people react to form and space. Well-designed forms and space will evoke emotions. Depending on the desired effect, excellent design will create a feeling of excitement, calmness, meditation or any number of other emotions. As an architect, I want the person sitting in the chapel to have a feeling of spiritual contemplation without knowing why; without turning and pointing to objects and say “That makes me feel…”. Likewise, as a landscape architect, I want a person to have a feeling of harmony between the architecture and the landscape which they are engaging. The successful design will evoke the emotion without the participant knowing why.

Thus, my love for the two professions I have pursued: Architecture and Landscape Architecture.



Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, New York State, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington

Landscape Architect

California, Idaho, Nevada, New York State, Pennsylvania, Texas, Utah


Mast of Landscape Architecture, Utah State University, 1980
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Utah State University, 1970


Robert has over 37 years of architectural experience. 24 years of that Experience have been as president/principal of his own firm. Having managed offices in Syracuse, NY, Logan, UT, and Salt Lake City, Robert has been responsible for over 500 projects. His design experience includes commercial, educational, industrial, ecclesiastical, multi-family, and private residential.